The Church of Sweden and the Quest to Bounce Back Better

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title = "The Church of Sweden and the Quest to Bounce Back Better",
abstract = "Civil society organizations have distinctive roles to play in everysociety. They collectively contribute to the very communal fabric thatenables a dynamic social contract, and provide the space and the opportunityfor matters not easily handled in the other spheres of society.In those roles civil society is also a crucial part in the resilience of anysociety and a key force in its capacity to cope or even grow with the various,sudden and unexpected jolts that strike from time to time. Onesuch situation was the novel coronavirus that impacted the world in thespring of 2020.In such extreme situations – be it a natural disaster like a wildfireor a tsunami, periods of rapid transnational migration and the displacementof huge populations like the flow of refugees to many Europeancountries in late 2015 following the war in Syria, or during a global pandemic– civil society needs to be both strong and agile.We focus on organizational learning and use the response of Svenskakyrkan (the Church of Sweden, henceforth ”the Church”) during twoemergencies. We examine how the Church and her parishes helpedtheir local communities and Sweden through the crisis created by thecoronavirus in spring 2020. Our discussion also addresses how organizationallearning – the acquisition of new skills and knowledge – contributeto society{\textquoteright}s resilience.",
keywords = "Organizational learning, Civil society organizations, Coronavirus, crisis, Church of Sweden",
author = "Stig Linde and Filip Wijkstr{\"o}m and Marta Reuter and Ebba Henrekson and Erik Sj{\"o}strand",
note = "This is a preprint from the book “Sweden Through the Crisis”, to be published in the fall 2020 by SIR, Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research.",
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