The Dynamic Relation Between IS Integration and the Merger and Acquisition Process

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title = "The Dynamic Relation Between IS Integration and the Merger and Acquisition Process",
abstract = "Corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have established themselves as prominent tools for corporate strategy. Consequently more and more organizations direct their attention towards the potential benefits of an M&A and the problems of leveraging these potentials. Managing information systems (IS) integration in M&A means understanding the dynamic relationship between IS integration and the M&A context and act upon the environmental pressure on the integration solution. We present a six dimensional framework for IS integration in corporate M&A by integrating previous research on M&A and IS integration. We also present and discuss the IS integration in four corporate M&A. Trough the combination of the framework{\textquoteright}s dimensions, the dynamics of different parts of the M&A process is captured. We suggest that the framework may be used in further research to build cumulative knowledge about how to govern and manage IS integration in M&A. We also suggest that the framework can be used by firms in their acquisitions as it shows, through the combination of dimensions, IS integration issues, decisions, and actions a firm has to consider in acquisition processes.",
keywords = "IT management, Mergers and acquisitions, IS integration, IT governance",
author = "Stefan Henningsson and Sven Carlsson",
year = "2007",
language = "English",
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