The Endurance/Perdurance Controversy is No Storm in a Teacup

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title = "The Endurance/Perdurance Controversy is No Storm in a Teacup",
abstract = "Several philosophers have maintained in recent years that the endurance/perdurance debate is merely verbal: these prima facie distinct theories of objects{\textquoteright} persistence are in fact metaphysically equivalent, they claim. The present paper challenges this view. Three proposed translation schemes (those set forth by Miller 2005; McCall and Lowe 2006; Hirsch 2009) are examined; all are shown to be faulty. In the process, constructive reasons for regarding the debate as a substantive one are provided. It is also suggested that the theories may have differing practical implications.",
keywords = "endurance, metaphysical equivalence, perdurance, persistence, verbal dispute, deflationism",
author = "{Hansson Wahlberg}, Tobias",
year = "2014",
doi = "10.1007/s10516-014-9233-z",
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