The epidermal indeterminate cell- a special cell type?

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title = "The epidermal indeterminate cell- a special cell type?",
abstract = "Electron microscopy of normal human epidermiscomprising very large series of sections in combination withtilting of the sections has revealed that all {"}indeterminatecells{"} carry the specific markers of either melanocytes orLangerhans cells. The term {"}indeterminate cells{"} can thusbe abandoned. In addition, it is suggested that an epidermaldendritic cell lacking specific markers in the section underobservation can be characterized by the amount and distributionpattern of its microfilaments, an additional criterionbeing that the melanocytes carry a ciliunu",
keywords = "Epidermis, Indeterminate cells, Langerhans, Melanocytes, Birbeck granules",
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year = "1981",
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