The Malmö Offspring Study (MOS): design, methods and first results

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title = "The Malm{\"o} Offspring Study (MOS): design, methods and first results",
abstract = "As cardio metabolic disease manifestations tend to cluster in families there is a need to better understand the underlying mechanisms in order to further develop preventive strategies. In fact, genetic markers used in genetic risk scores, important as they are, will not be able alone to explain these family clusters. Therefore, the search goes on for the so called missing heritability to better explain these associations. Shared lifestyle and social conditions in families, but also early life influences may be of importance. Gene-environmental interactions should be explored. In recent years interest has grown for the role of diet-microbiota associations, as microbiota patterns may be shared by family members. In the Malm{\"o} Offspring Study that started in 2013, we have so far been able to examine about 4700 subjects (18-71 years) representing children and grandchildren of index subjects from the first generation, examined in the Malm{\"o} Diet Cancer Study during 1991 to 1996. This will provide rich data and opportunities to analyse family traits of chronic disease across three generations. We will provide extensive genotyping and phenotyping including cardiovascular and respiratory function, as well as markers of glucose metabolism. In addition, also cognitive function will be assessed. A 4-day online dietary recall will be conducted and gut as well as oral microbiota analysed. The ambition is to provide one of the first large-scale European family studies with individual data across three generations, which could deepen our knowledge about the role of family traits for chronic disease and its underlying mechanisms.",
author = "Louise Brunkwall and Daniel J{\"o}nsson and Ulrika Ericson and Sophie Hellstrand and Cecilia Kennb{\"a}ck and Gerd {\"O}stling and Amra Jujic and Olle Melander and Gunnar Engstr{\"o}m and Jan Nilsson and Bodil Ohlsson and Bj{\"o}rn Klinge and Marju Orho-Melander and Margaretha Persson and Nilsson, {Peter M}",
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