The Missing Pillow : Mark 4:35-41 cum parallelis

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title = "The Missing Pillow : Mark 4:35-41 cum parallelis",
abstract = "Several details in Mark´s narrative of Jesus stilling the storm have disappeared when we turn to Matthew´s and Luke´s telling of the same story. 1.The pillow in the stern on which Jesus rested his head when he fell asleep has been omitted by Mt and Lk. 2.”The other boats” which followed the boat where Jesus and his disciples were voyaging are not mentioned by Mt and Lk. 3.The observation that Jesus embarked ”just as he was” (whatever that can mean) is missing in Mt and Lk. 4.In Mark Jesus regards the storm as a hostile adversary to whom he addresses himself in direct speech (”Be silent and keep your mouth shut”). Mt and Lk only report indirectly what Jesus does (”he gives order to…”). My question is now why Mt and Lk neglected and left out these colourful facts (colourful at least to our modern eyes) from their narratives and what can be deduced from the fact that Mark “remembered” them.",
keywords = "New Testament, Mark (colorful details), Narrative technique",
author = "Lars Rydbeck",
note = "; 64th General Meeting of the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas : SNTS 2009 ; Conference date: 04-08-2009 Through 08-08-2009",
year = "2009",
language = "English",