The Mullnäset rapakivi granite, its chemical and mineralogical composition including a comparison with the Sörvik granite, west central Sweden.

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title = "The Mulln{\"a}set rapakivi granite, its chemical and mineralogical composition including a comparison with the S{\"o}rvik granite, west central Sweden.",
abstract = "This contribution presents complimentary mineralogical and whole-rock chemical data for the Mulln{\"a}set rapakivi massif. Three rock types occur: gabbro, syenite with associated granite and “normal” rapakivi granite, here denoted rapakivi-textured granite. In the syenite-associated granite, extremely Mg-poor clinopyroxene and fayalite are the most important mafic minerals, whereas ferrohornblende and strongly chloritized biotite are most important in the rapakivi-textured granite. All mafic minerals are Fe-extreme. The two rapakivi granites are metaluminous straddling the boundary between calc-alkaline and alkaline granite, whereas the neighbouring, older S{\"o}rvik granite is peraluminous and typically calc-alkaline. The Mulln{\"a}set rapakivi granite is A-type. It is lower in incompatible trace elements than the S{\"o}rvik granite. The HFSE patterns differ between the two granites. In both the rapakivi and S{\"o}rvik granites, Archaean rocks form part of the source rocks. The Archaean input seems to be more important in the Mulln{\"a}set (and other rapakivi granites from the same general area) granite than in the S{\"o}rvik granite. No data contradict the suggested formation of rapakivi granite magma: upwelling mantle melts under a thickened continental crust triggering melting of the continental crust.",
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