The reconfiguration of Swedish nationalism after the Syrian refugee ’crisis’

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title = "The reconfiguration of Swedish nationalism after the Syrian refugee {\textquoteright}crisis{\textquoteright}",
abstract = "The “nativisation” of welfare provision implicitly accepts the SD{\textquoteright}s redefinition of refugees as undeserving others and gives credence to its chauvinistic welfare policies. Not only does the restriction of entitlements to non-native Swedes effectively constitute a symbolic bordering practice that circumscribes a restrictive and nativistic understanding of national identity, where solidarity is reserved, not for the needy, but for the {\textquoteleft}true Swedes{\textquoteright}, but also it is represented as {\textquoteleft}not quite enough{\textquoteright} by the SD who are intent to capitalize from the transformation of a symbolic binary us v them logic to an antagonism over scarce resources.",
keywords = "Nationalism, racism, welfare nationalism, Sverige Democraterna",
author = "Spyros Sofos",
year = "2018",
month = apr,
language = "English",
journal = "Nya former av nationalism",
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