The ultrastructure of the nauplius eye of Sapphirine (Crustacea: Decapoda)

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The ultrastructure of the specialized nauplius eye of three species of the copepod genusSapphirina was investigated. The gross morphology described earlier (Elofsson, 1966a) was confirmed. The ventral cup is covered by a red pigment and the lateral cups by a red and a black pigment. The ultrastructural configuration of the pigment granules was found to differ in the two kinds of pigment cells. The black pigment cell, moreover, contains a large number of transversely banded fibrils and is able to produce reflecting crystals. The pigment granules of the black pigment cell show a variation in electron density. An intimate connexion exists between the black pigment cell and large retinula cells in the lateral cups, indicating an exchange of material. The tapetal cells present in all three cups form crystal platelets contained in two sets of membranes. It is suggested that the ventral cup and part of the lateral cups function as thePecten-eye (Land, 1965). The rhabdomeres of the retinula cells are composed of microvilli measuring 400 Å. The orientation of these seems to exclude polarotactic behaviour. The ventral cup and the four small cells of the lateral cups contain some retinula cells with microvilli arranged parallel to the incoming light. The retinula cells further develop an intricate system of membrane-invaginations penetrating deep into the cell and associated with numerous mitochondria. Retinula cells of the ventral cup and part of the lateral cups contain clear portions filled with granular material only. Retinula and other cells contain attenuated mitochondria with parallel tubuli. The proximal lens in front of each lateral cup consists of one cell. A development from the conjunctival cells is suggested. The results are evaluated in terms of function and evolution.


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JournalZeitschrift für Zellforschung und mikroskopische Anatomie
Publication statusPublished - 1969
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