Time-Domain Precoding for LTE-over-Copper Systems

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title = "Time-Domain Precoding for LTE-over-Copper Systems",
abstract = "Crosstalk cancellation is a crucial issue for traditional digital subscriber line systems. For LTE-over-copper systems, however, the need for crosstalk cancellation varies depending on the analog fronthauling architecture and its parameters. A crosstalk handler that is decoupled as much as possible from the rest of the system architecture is thus preferred. Therefore, we propose a time-domain precoding scheme specifically in downstream direction to separate the precoding unit from the LTE signal flow, and perform crosstalk cancellation in an on-demand manner. Estimation of all direct and crosstalk paths is assisted by LTE cell-specific reference signals. The time-domain precoder transforms the interference channel into a crosstalk-free channel with identical direct paths, which allows for low-complexity inter-symbol interference mitigation. We evaluate the concept in terms of signal-to-noise ratio provided for LTE signals using measured wireline channel data.",
author = "Yezi Huang and Eduardo Medeiros and Thomas Magesacher and Stefan H{\"o}st and Chenguang Lu and Per-Erik Eriksson and Per {\"O}dling and B{\"o}rjesson, {Per Ola}",
year = "2016",
month = "7",
doi = "10.1109/ICC.2016.7511479",
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