Tools for Real-Time Control Systems Co-Design

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title = "Tools for Real-Time Control Systems Co-Design",
abstract = "A survey of four co-design tools for joint analysis, simulation, and design of computer-based control systems developed within the Swedish ARTES programme is presented. The tools allow simultaneous treatment of the control aspects and the computing and communication aspects of the control problems. The tools are Jitterbug and TrueTime developed at the Department of Automatic Control LTH, Lund University, and Aida and Xilo developed at the Division of Mechatronics, Department of Machine Elements, KTH.",
author = "Dan Henriksson and Ola Redell and Jad El-Khoury and Anton Cervin and Martin T{\"o}rngren and Karl-Erik {\AA}rz{\'e}n",
year = "2006",
language = "English",
editor = "Hans Hansson",
booktitle = "ARTES -- A network for Real-Time research and graduate Education in Sweden 1997--2006",
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