Transitional cell carcinoma der Prostata im Zystoprostatektomiepräparat

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Purpose: Transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) of the prostate/prostatic urethra is a risk factor for urethral recurrence after radical cystoprostatectomy for TCC. Using conventional sectioning techniques, prostate involvement (prostatic urethra, acini, ducts and/ or stroma) has been detected in a range of 10-20% of the patients, whereas transversal whole mount sectioning has revealed 43% prostate involvement in two reported series. Due to different mechanisms of prostate involvement (intraurethral, extravesical and direct overgrowth into the prostatic stroma), preoperative transurethral biopsies of the prostate might not accurately determine such involvement. In this study we examine the prostate using a longitudinal whole mount sectioning technique, correlate TCC of the prostate with the characteristics of the bladder tumour and, thus, validate the preoperative transurethral resection biopsies. Material and methods: Patients scheduled for cystoprostatectomy or cystoprostatourethrectomy were investigated by preoperative resection biopsies from the prostatic urethra and mapping of the bladder. The cystectomy specimen was fixated with the bladder filled with formalin, and the prostate and bladder neck examined using longitudinal whole mount sectioning. Results: In 13 of the 43 (30%), patients TCC was identified in the prostate. Of these 13 patients, 9 had been identified in the preoperative resection biopsies from the prostatic urethra. Of the patients with prostatic involvement, 46% had carcinoma in situ (Cis) in the bladder neck/trigone and 38% had multifocal Cis in the bladder. Comparing this to the group of patients without prostatic involvement, the respectively figures are 20% and 23%. A tumour in the trigone, either invasive or Cis, was detected in 5/13 patients with prostatic involvement as compared to one patient (3%) without TCC of the prostate. Multiple bladder tumours were more common in patients with prostatic involvement and were larger (3.2 cm compared to 2.2 cm). Conclusions: Preoperative resection biopsies from the prostatic urethra do not always detect TCC in the prostate. Cis in the bladder neck/trigone or multifocal and multiple bladder tumours could be risk factors for prostate involvement of TCC.


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  • transitional cell carcinoma, prostate, bladder cancer
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JournalAktuelle Urologie
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2003
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