Treatment of the acute severe pulmonary embolism using endovascular methods

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title = "Treatment of the acute severe pulmonary embolism using endovascular methods",
abstract = "Purpose: To present a single-centre experience with endovascular treatment of patients with severe symptoms secondary to acute pulmonary embolism (PE). Material and methods: Twenty-five patients were treated due to contraindications or deficient effects of systemic throbolytic therapy. The patients were treated with a combination of fragmentation and aspiration, only aspiration, only fragmentation, and with catheter-directed thrombolytic therapy. Results: The saturation was improved following treatment in all patients, except in one where the procedure counot be completed. There were no immediate or late procedure-related complications. Conclusions: Endovascular treatment of severe PE is a safe and efficient option in patients with failing effect or contindication to systemic thrombolysis.",
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author = "Keussen, {Inger E.} and Carina Bursjoo and Wojciech Cwikiel",
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