Vaccine for Atherosclerosis.

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title = "Vaccine for Atherosclerosis.",
abstract = "Atherosclerosis is an immune-mediated inflammatory disease of the arterial wall, with both the innate and adaptive immune systems responding to many endogenous and exogenous antigens. Both proatherogenic as well as atheroprotective roles have been identified for the immune system in atherosclerosis. Hence, it is conceivable that an immunomodulatory strategy via active immunization against many of these antigens could potentially alter the natural history of atherosclerosis. This review discusses: 1) the complex role of important components of the innate and adaptive immune systems in atherogenesis; 2) the nature of many antigens that have been tested successfully in vaccine formulations to reduce atherosclerosis in pre-clinical experimental models; and 3) the potential opportunities and challenges for clinical application of vaccination for atherosclerosis in the future.",
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