Vakuumassisterad sår- behandling ger goda kliniska resultat God läkning vid komplicerade sår--djupa sternuminfektioner ett exempel.

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title = "Vakuumassisterad s{\aa}r- behandling ger goda kliniska resultat God l{\"a}kning vid komplicerade s{\aa}r--djupa sternuminfektioner ett exempel.",
abstract = "acuum-assisted closure (V.A.C.{\circledR}) is a novel treatment for wound healing, which has been used extensively during the last years in a growing number of clinical applications. This wound-healing technique is based on the application of local negative pressure to a wound. During treatment with vacuum-assisted closure, several beneficial wound healing mechanisms are initiated. Topical negative pressure increases the microvascular blood flow in the surrounding tissue and reduces wound tissue oedema and wound size. Furthermore, the stimulation of growth factors and neoangiogenesis facilitates the formation of granulation tissue in the wound. Vacuum-assisted closure has been widely adopted as a standard treatment for deep sternal wound infections following cardiac surgery since topical negative pressure combines several advantageous features from conventional surgical techniques. However, although it is effective, vacuum-assisted closure must always be used in combination with proper surgical revision and adequate antibiotic therapy in order to obtain optimal results.",
keywords = "Osteomyelitis: microbiology, Osteomyelitis: therapy, Surgical Wound Infection: microbiology, Thoracic Surgical Procedures: adverse effects, Surgical Wound Infection: therapy, Cardiac Surgical Procedures: adverse effects, Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy: methods",
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