Value Grounded on Attitudes. Subjectivism in Value Theory

Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis (monograph)


title = "Value Grounded on Attitudes. Subjectivism in Value Theory",
abstract = "The thesis examines a specific way of understanding the subjectivist position in value theory according to which subjectivism is the view that value is grounded on attitudes. It is argued that this should be seen as a second-order claim about the nature of value although with pluralistic implications on the substantial, first-order level. Subjectivist analyses of final and intrinsic value and of relational value (goodness-for) are offered. Further, the implications of subjectivism are considered with respect to, among other things, situations in which we would have different attitudes than those that we actually have, the relation between value and motivation, and value relativism and egoism. The thesis also contains discussions of value projection and the nature of evaluative language.",
keywords = "Subjectivism, objectivism, relativism, absolutism, value and attitudes, supervenience and constitutive ground of value, final value, intrinsic value, good and good for, motivational internalism, idealization, value projection, error and evaluative language",
author = "Fritz-Anton Fritzson",
note = "Defence details Date: 2014-09-13 Time: 10:15 Place: C126, LUX, Helgonav{\"a}gen 3, Lund External reviewer(s) Name: Heuer, Ulrike Title: Associate Professor Affiliation: University of Leeds, England ---",
year = "2014",
language = "English",
isbn = "978-91-7473-994-7",
publisher = "Lund University (Media-Tryck)",
school = "Department of Philosophy",