Vancomycin elution from a biphasic ceramic bone substitute

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title = "Vancomycin elution from a biphasic ceramic bone substitute",
abstract = "Objectives: The aim of this study was to analyze drain fluid, blood, and urine simultaneously to follow the long-term release of vancomycin from a biphasic ceramic carrier in major hip surgery. Our hypothesis was that there would be high local vancomycin concentrations during the first week with safe low systemic trough levels and a complete antibiotic release during the first month.Methods: Nine patients (six female, three male; mean age 75.3 years (sd 12.3; 44 to 84)) with trochanteric hip fractures had internal fixations. An injectable ceramic bone substitute, with hydroxyapatite in a calcium sulphate matrix, containing 66 mg of vancomycin per millilitre, was inserted to augment the fixation. The vancomycin elution was followed by simultaneously collecting drain fluid, blood, and urine.Results: The antibiotic concentration in the drain reached a peak during the first six hours post-surgery (mean 966.1 mg/l), which decreased linearly to a mean value of 88.3 mg/l at 2.5 days. In the urine, the vancomycin concentration reached 99.8 mg/l during the first two days, followed by a logarithmic decrease over the next two weeks to reach 0 mg/l at 20 days. The systemic concentration of vancomycin measured in blood serum was low and decreased linearly from 2.17 mg/l at one hour post-surgery to 0 mg/l at four days postoperatively.Conclusion: This is the first long-term pharmacokinetic study that reports vancomycin release from a biphasic injectable ceramic bone substitute. The study shows initial high targeted local vancomycin levels, sustained and complete release at three weeks, and systemic concentrations well below toxic levels. The plain ceramic bone substitute has been proven to regenerate bone but should also be useful in preventing bone infection.Cite this article: M. Stravinskas, M. Nilsson, A. Vitkauskiene, S. Tarasevicius, L. Lidgren. Vancomycin elution from a biphasic ceramic bone substitute. Bone Joint Res 2019;8:49-54. DOI: 10.1302/2046-3758.82.BJR-2018-0174.R2.",
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