Värdskapets betydelse i upplevelsebaserade butiker

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title = "V{\"a}rdskapets betydelse i upplevelsebaserade butiker",
abstract = "This article is a way to try to concretize the so-called new economy based on a couple of concrete expressions. The concepts of cultural heritage and consumption are used to describe and analyse some specific service operations in a couple of Swedish retailers. In both are the products manufactured, in one case, stone-baked sourdough bread and in the other handmade chocolates with reference to traditional crafts, and natural ingredients. By looking at these shops, often defined as a profile stores, and the increased interest around locally made products as sourdough bread and homemade chocolates, one can see a general context that illustrate a number of cultural values and beliefs that are created in the consumption of these products. This trend then says something about what characterizes the culture and our society at large. Cultural heritage is used as a marketing tool and social relationships are becoming in these experiential stores both product and something that is consumed. In these stores offer a unique service through unique products and makes the visit special. The article is based on ethnographic observations in and around the actual stores.",
author = "Carina Sj{\"o}holm",
year = "2014",
language = "svenska",
volume = "93",
pages = "59--74",
journal = "Budkavlen: Tidskrift f{\"o}r etnologi och folkloristik",
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