Variation of the conduction band edge of (Lu,Gd) 3 (Ga,Al) 5 O 12 :Ce garnets studied by thermally stimulated luminescence

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The shift of the conduction band (CB) edge for thirty different (Lu,Gd) 3 (Ga,Al) 5 O 12 :Ce compositions, with simultaneous variation in Lu/Gd and Ga/Al content was studied using thermally stimulated luminescence (TSL). Specific TSL peaks were related to impurities of Ta, Cr, Yb, Ti and Eu in Lu 1 Gd 2 Ga 3 Al 2 O 12 :Ce ceramics. The shift of Yb-related peak positions (in temperature and trap depth) with composition modification was investigated as well. In Gd-containing (Lu,Gd) 3 (Ga,Al) 5 O 12 compositions a non-monotonous shift of the CB edge with increasing Ga content has been affirmed. The difference between thermal trap depths evaluated from our TSL experiments and optical trap depths obtained from the literature was explained by the role of lattice relaxation.


  • V. Khanin
  • I. Venevtsev
  • K. Chernenko
  • P. Rodnyi
  • T. van Swieten
  • S. Spoor
  • J. Boerekamp
  • H. Wieczorek
  • I. Vrubel
  • A. Meijerink
  • C. Ronda
External organisations
  • Utrecht University
  • St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University
  • National Research University of Information Technologies
  • Philips Research
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  • Other Materials Engineering


  • Complex garnets, Impurity-related traps, Thermal trap depth, Thermally stimulated luminescence
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)48-53
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Luminescence
Publication statusPublished - 2019
Publication categoryResearch