Visual Analysis of Zebrafish Behavior

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title = "Visual Analysis of Zebrafish Behavior",
abstract = "There is significant interest from the medical andneuroscience communities for studying the behavior of zebrafishlarvae, particularly in the context of drug testing. In this paper, wepropose a method for analyzing the behavior of zebrafish larvaein a high-throughput system using automatic image analysis.Specifically, algorithms for estimating the poses of the larvae invideo recordings are presented. The pose estimation results aresubsequently used to estimate kinematic parameters, segment thediscretized movement into swim bouts (short bursts of movement)and to categorize the swim bouts into a number of classes. Thedistributions of bout classes are analyzed over time for differentdoses of amphetamine and apomorphine and compared to controlgroups. Preliminary results are presented indicating that theproposed method is able to measure the effects of pharmacologicalmanipulations in the zebrafish larvae.",
author = "Tobias Palm{\'e}r and Karl {\AA}str{\"o}m and Olof Enqvist and Per Petersson",
year = "2016",
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language = "English",
note = "2016 23rd International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2016), ICPR 2016 ; Conference date: 04-12-2016 Through 08-12-2016",
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