Wastewater management analysis for the main cities of Northern Cyprus

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title = "Wastewater management analysis for the main cities of Northern Cyprus",
abstract = "Due to political conflicts, the northern part of Cyprus is being under economical crisis. This is employed by environmental problems such as non-organised improvement of residential areas and their effects on habitat. Especially, three main cities where 75 percent of population is crowded, is seriously under the threat of sewerage problems. In this study the comparisons for available sewerage system of three main municipalities is carried to search for urgent investment required among them. This has been done through the Prioritisation Method. The method involves analyses on levels of sanitation, environmental and public health impacts and financial sustainability of the municipalities, which is under the effects of agriculture, residential and industrial areas.",
keywords = "Population, Wastewater Management., Municipalities, Prioritisation Method",
author = "Umut Turker and Raed Bashitialshaaer and Hussyen Gokcekus",
year = "2005",
language = "English",
booktitle = "WATMED 2",
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