Weighted oscillator strengths and lifetimes for the SVII spectrum

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title = "Weighted oscillator strengths and lifetimes for the SVII spectrum",
abstract = "The weighted oscillator strengths (gf) and the lifetimes presented in this work were carried out in a multiconfiguration Hartree-Fock relativistic approach. In this calculation, the electrostatic parameters were optimized by a least-squares procedure, in order to improve the adjustment to experimental energy levels. This method produces gf-values that are in better agreement with intensity observations and lifetime values that are closer to the experimental ones. In this work, we presented all the experimentally known electric dipole S VII spectral lines.",
keywords = "lifetimes, gf-values, atomic spectrum, SVII spectrum",
author = "Borges, {F O} and Cavalcanti, {G H} and Trigueiros, {A G} and Christer Jup{\'e}n",
year = "2004",
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