Words, Deeds and Values : The Intelligentsia in Russia and Poland during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

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Fiona Björling Introduction
Andrzej Xalicki Polish conceptions of the intelligentsia and its calling
Steven J. Seegel Cartography and the collected nation in Joachim Lelewel’ Lelewel’s geographical imagination: a revised approach to intelligentsia
S. I. Michal´cenko xxx
V. B. Evarouskij (Evorovskij) xxx
Michail Dolbilov Stereotypes of the Pole in Russian public discourse: the case of Russification in the empire’ empire’s Western region in the mid-nineteenth century Catherine Evtuhov The provincial intelligentsia and social values in Niznij Novgorod, 1838– 91
Eugene Avrutin The Jewish intelligentsia, state administration, and the myth of conversion in tsarist Russia
Alan P. Pollard The origins of terrorism among the Russian narodniki
Anita Schlüchter Law and morality morality: the Russian debate at the turn of the century
Julie Hansen Images of madness in visual art: a Russian Symbolist iconography
Irina Kupcova The First World War and the crisis in the mentality of the art intelligentsia
Natalija Resetova The non-Bolshevik intelligentsia of the Don in 1917 and the early 1920s
A. V. Kvakin xxx
N. A. Bogomolov xxx
Geoffrey Hosking The intelligentsia and Russia’s twentieth-century crisis of trust Oksana Sarkisova Cine-intellectuals or cine-proletariat? Ideological allegiances and professional identities in early Soviet cinema
G. A. Jankovskaja xxx
Tatjana Kudrjavtseva Fazil’ Iskander: cultural bilingualism and the writings in Russian of the non-Russian intelligentsia
Mark Sandle Drafting the Third Party Programme: the intelligentsia and the de-Stalinisation of Soviet ideology ideology, 1952–61
E. M. Swiderski ‘Sociomorphs’, Soviet social theory theory, and philosophy: an essay on intellectual practices
Flemming Splidsboel-Hansen
The construction of a European identity in post-Soviet Russia: another elite project?
Inna Naletova How religious is the contemporary Russian intelligentsia?
Sociological aspects of the religious situation in Russia
Jonathan Sutton A ‘religious intelligentsia’ in present-day Russia? Towards responsibility and engaged reflection
Krzysztof Stala The Polish intelligentsia and modernity: the search for new moral sources
Nina Witoszek & Andrew Brennan New Middle Ages or new Renaissance: rethinking the humanist legacy in the post-communist world


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