Writing, stitching, inking: Different modes of creating historical narratives

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title = "Writing, stitching, inking: Different modes of creating historical narratives",
abstract = "This article presents an analysis of different ways of producing historical narratives in the Swedish football environment. The examples are based on the activities around AIK, a top league football club from Stockholm. In the article I present a tifo and a tattoo, stitching and inking, as actual modes of writing history. Big clubs like AIK not only attract many fans, but also stimulate creative engagements which lead to different expressions of affection and devotion towards the club. Historical elements appear often in such activities, connecting the present supporters to the heritage of the club.",
keywords = "football, fans, identity, transmitting history",
author = "Katarzyna Herd",
year = "2016",
language = "English",
pages = "30--47",
journal = "Idrott, historia och samh{\"a}lle",
issn = "0280-2775",
publisher = "Svenska idrottshistoriska f{\"o}reningen",