XAFS experiments at beamline I811, MAX-lab synchrotron source, Sweden

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title = "XAFS experiments at beamline I811, MAX-lab synchrotron source, Sweden",
abstract = "A description of a new facility for X-ray absorption spectroscopy at the materials science beamline, I811, at MAX-lab synchrotron source, Lund, Sweden, is given. The beamline is based on a superconducting multipole wiggler source inserted in a straight section of the 1.5 GeV MAX-II ring. X-rays in the energy range 2.4- 12 keV are extracted by a standard optical scheme consisting of a vertical collimating first mirror, double-crystal monochromator, and a second vertically focusing mirror. The second monochromator crystal provides sagittal focusing. The total flux impinging on the sample at 9 keV is 5 x 10(11) photons s(-1), for a minimum beam spot of 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm. The beamline has facilities for experiments in transmission, fluorescence and total-electronyield mode and experiments have been performed by international research groups on a wide range of materials, such as dilute systems with metal concentrations below 10 p. p. m.",
keywords = "XANES, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, XAFS, EXAFS, materials science",
author = "Stefan Carlson and Maria Claus{\'e}n and Lidia Gridneva and Bengt Sommarin and Christer Svensson",
year = "2006",
doi = "10.1107/S0909049506025611",
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