Xafs Study of Co(Ii) at the Zno-Aqueous and Zns-Aqueous Interfaces

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title = "Xafs Study of Co(Ii) at the Zno-Aqueous and Zns-Aqueous Interfaces",
abstract = "Co(II) adsorption at ZnO- and ZnS-aqueous interfaces was studied with the XAFS technique. The results show the presence of both 4- and 6-coordinated oxygen-ligated Co(II) on ZnO, corresponding to Co-O distances of 1.95 and 2.1 Angstrom, respectively. At ZnS two Co-O distances are also indicated and a Co-S correlation at 2.36 Angstrom is revealed. Higher shell analysis indicates a fraction of bidentately coordinated Co(II) on ZnO. Increased coverage yields a phase structurally close to Co(OH)(2) on both adsorbents.",
author = "Per Persson and Parks, {G. A.} and Brown, {G. E.}",
note = "1-4",
year = "1995",
doi = "10.1016/0921-4526(94)00865-S",
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