Workshop on Media, Culture and Fear, 2018

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Titel Workshop on Media, Culture and Fear, 2018
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Beskrivning This collaboration aims to address what we term ‘a dynamics of fear’ from cultural and narrative perspectives, analysing the context to industry practices, cultural artefacts and audiences across different settings. Einar Hansens Forskningsfond supports two workshops in December 2017 and June 2018 to explore the interconnections between media, culture and fear. These workshops include junior and senior researchers in the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen, and the Department of Communication and Media, Lund University, Sweden. The workshops are organized around two themes, “Cultures of Fear” and “Narrativising Fear”. Each workshop includes two keynotes and presentations by half of the participants.

The project focuses on the range of forms and practices within which media, cultural artefacts, industry professionals and audiences understand, represent and engage, or disengage, with fear in contemporary culture. In particular, the collaborative research explores a dynamics of fear as it frequently frames news about conflicts, terrorism, immigration, climate change, religious/cultural extremism and health. Moreover, we are going to investigate how this dynamics of fear features as a dominant theme in narratives in popular culture, and permeates people’s lived and mediated experiences in precarious times. The aim is to produce a special issue of an international peer reviewed journal on the basis of the workshops.

2018 jun 8


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2018 jun 8

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TitelWorkshop on Media, Culture and Fear, 2018
PlatsUniversity of Copenhagen
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