Ecosystem futures

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Titel Ecosystem futures
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Beskrivning During the second seminar on the way to our climate fiction competition ‘Anthropo-scenes’, we have the pleasure to present Paul Miller, who will talk about Ecosystem futures and how they might be visualised. This time, we will approach it as a dialogue – Paul Miller will briefly present his work on ecosystem modelling, then its questions time: What species of iconic birds might go extinct? How will the Swedish forests fare? What is an ecosystem phenomenon which few are looking at but is of vital importance? Maybe you have an idea for a story but need details (species, environments, characters etc.) to flesh it out?

2019 apr 25

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2019 apr 25

Evenemang (Seminarium)

TitelAnthropo-Scenes: A Climate Fiction Competition — Climaginaries
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PlatsEden, Department of Political Science, Lund University

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