“Flipping it” with the MOOC

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Titel “Flipping it” with the MOOC
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Beskrivning In this presentation Satu Manninen, Ellen Turner, and Cecilia Wadsö Lecaros discuss their massive open online course, “Writing in English at University”. The course is available free of charge on the Coursera platform and provides helpful writing support for students, particularly those working on their thesis projects. The course is also useful for researchers and others who are writing in non-native speaker environments. In their presentation, the authors also discuss ways in which this mooc course has been integrated into on-campus teaching (blended learning).

2017 apr 28

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2017 apr 28

Evenemang (Seminarium)

TitelCentre for Engineering Education lunch seminar
PlatsPepparholm, LTH Studiecentrum

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Satu Manninen, Ellen Turner & Cecilia Wadsö-Lecaros, 2020, Lund: Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University. 154 s. (Lund Studies in English)

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