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Beskrivning Funded by the Olof Sager foundation, the purpose of my trip was to explore the Edith Maud Hull Papers at the Women's Library which is based at London School of Economics

The Edith Maud Hull Papers is an archive collection housing, amongst other things, publishers’ contracts for E.M. Hull’s works, the only known photograph of Hull, and eight of Hull’s novels (which are mostly out of print) with inscriptions to her daughter. I was particularly interested in a text by Cecil Hull, Hull’s daughter, entitled Six Weeks in Southern Algeria (1930). Cecil accompanied her mother on the journey that was to form the subject of the 1926 travelogue, Camping in the Sahara, a text which I explore in my article “E. M. Hull’s Camping in the Sahara: desert romance meets desert reality” (2015), published in Studies in Travel Writing. On my previous visit to the archives in 2012, Six Weeks in Southern Algeria was unavailable, and during my trip I was able to access and explore this text. As far as I am aware, this text has only received brief mention in existing scholarly work (Regan: 2016). Cecil Hull herself is an obscure figure who has received virtually no attention other than as the daughter of the infamous desert romance author and initiator of the “cult of the sheik”. As well as examining this particular text, I also reviewed the rest of the collection.

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