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Titel Nottingham Trent University
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Beskrivning The Olof Sager foundation allowed me to make several visits to Nottingham Trent University during the summer and autumn of 2016. The main purpose of the visits to NTU was to continue collaboration with Dr Arin Keeble on our joint project on peer review in the classroom. Our aim was to explore how the writing process is taught at our two respective universities.

During the first two weeks of my visit, which took place during the summer (4th-16th July), Dr Keeble and I worked together on the first stages of a co-authored article on peer review in the classroom. Additionally, we discussed teaching practices more broadly at our respective institutions. I also made use of NTU library research facilities to undertake research. During the autumn semester I visited Nottingham Trent University on two separate occasions. The purpose of the first of these two trips (8th -13th October) was to observe teaching with the English Department. As well as observing Arin Keeble’s lectures and seminars on the American Specialisms course, other faculty members were kind enough to allow me to observe their teaching and to discuss teaching practices with them. These included Dr. Rory Waterman and Dr. Andrew Taylor who allowed me to sit in on several classes on the introductory level Arguing about English course, and Dr. Nicole Thiara who took the time to speak to me about her course Postcolonial Texts, in addition to giving me the opportunity to observe her classes. During this week I also met with Dr. Tim Young who invited me to teach several seminars on NTU’s travel writing course on my return visit in December. During my week in October I was also able to take part in several departmental activities such as attending a Visiting Speaker’s paper by Professor David Worrall, and attending a research networking dinner. On my final visit to NTU (4th -10th December) as well as observing classes, I took a more active role delivering a Visiting Speaker’s paper, teaching three seminars on the third-year undergraduate course Travel Writing, and speaking at a social event where I discussed with staff and postgraduates my experience of teaching English in Sweden.

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NamnNottingham Trent University
OrtClifton, Nottingham