Panel discussion: Trans*feminism – Conflicts, Communalities, Contingencies

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Titel Panel discussion: Trans*feminism – Conflicts, Communalities, Contingencies
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Beskrivning Trans*feminism – Conflicts, Communalities, Contingencies

Panel discussion with
Erika Alm, University of Gothenburg; Signe Bremer, Uppsala University; (Josephine Krieg, independent scholar); Nina Lykke, Linköping University; Diana Mulinari, Lund University; Lukas Romson, independent trans expert
Chairs: Irina Schmitt, Lund University and Wibke Straube, Karlstad University

Gender Studies understood as a field of feminist research is devoted to the aim of socio-political change. How feminist researchers conceptualize this change within their field and how they understand their own research ontologies in relation to gender embodiment differs strongly. Transgender positions within Feminist Studies have posed a challenge to the field and were historically met with resistances. Today Transgender Studies appears as a more and more accepted field within Feminist Studies.
We would like to invite to a round-table discussion between researchers to embark into a dialogue that addresses not only the historical boundary politics which Feminist Studies in Sweden as they have been voiced towards trans* and inter* feminists but also to engage into a discussion that takes contemporary times into account. Thinking of the historical changes that have taken place in particular in the Swedish landscape of Feminist Studies in relation to the acceptance of trans* and inter* positions, we would like to open up a conversation on actual (boundary) politics in Swedish academia. What are contemporary hesitations and problems that Feminist Studies today encounter? What are the important challenges and objectives transfeminism(s) bring to the field of Feminist Studies? Why can we not do Feminist Studies without including transfeminism? Where can we find solidarities and affinities despite and beyond internal struggles? And what is the relation between activism and academia in relation to trans* and feminist politics and how does this unfold in particular forms in Sweden?

2016 nov 24



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  • Karlstad University
2016 nov 24

Panel discussion: Trans*feminism – Conflicts, Communalities, Contingencies: Panel at conference G16 Gränser, mobilitet och mobilisering

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