Pile-up pulse analysis with fast sampling ADC techniques

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Titel Pile-up pulse analysis with fast sampling ADC techniques
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Beskrivning Above nuclear shell closures, fast α-decaying nuclei with half-lives down to tens of nano seconds exist.
Due to their short lifetimes, it has been difficult to measure their properties as α-decays result in pile-ups with an
analogue electronics experimental set-up.
For the superheavy element 115 experiment, conducted in 2012 at GSI TASCA lead by the Lund University
Nuclear Structure Group, the employment of fast sampling ADCs was the case which made it possible to extract
energies and times of pile-ups with tailor-made algorithms.
A pile-up trace analysis routine has been developed to extract the energies and times from the preamplifier
traces and was applied to the 2012 experimental data. From the obtained results a connection to the tabulated α-decay
chain of Ra-219 to Rn-215 could be firmly established.

2016 aug 26

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2016 aug 26

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TitelTASCA 16
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PlatsGesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung (GSI)
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