Politics and activism of Housing

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Titel Politics and activism of Housing
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Historically there have been various political solutions to the housing question. The past decades of neoliberal reforms involving privatization, commodification and securitization of the environment allow for the penetration of financial control and decision-making into the fabric of societies and (built) environments. The rent-seeking behaviour of finance capital and landed developer interests drives the formation of market relations through privatization and commodification of built and natural environments. Danish housing markets are no exception. The result has been increased socio-geographical inequalities and a concentration of socio-economically vulnerable groups in certain housing areas. Areas now under attack though the government’s so-called ‘ghetto plan’ that stigmatize people and in some cases displace people to make way for urban renewal. This politics has spurred critique and housing activism around themes related to ‘the right to the city’, ‘housing as a human right’ and ‘right to freedom from displacement’.

2018 nov 20



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2018 nov 20

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Anders Lund Hansen, Lawrence D. Berg, Guy Baeten, Carina Listerborn & Lasse Koefoed


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Guy Baeten, Brett Christophers, Karin Grundström, Mattias Kärrholm, Henrik Gutzon Larsen, Carina Listerborn, Anders Lund Hansen, Irene Molina, Ove Sernhede & Catharina Thörn


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Fabian, L., Anders Lund Hansen, Jenisch, N. & Kaarup-Christensen, E., 2019, (Unpublished).

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Anders Lund Hansen, 2017 nov 16, Jyllandsposten, 2017, 11.

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Anders Lund Hansen & Eric Clark, 2017 mar 1, Human Rights Cities and Regions: Swedish and International Perspectives. Davis, M., Gammeltoft-Hansen, T. & Hanna, E. (red.). Lund: Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights, s. 23-30

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Lund Hansen, A. (presentatör), Louise Fabian (Talare)
2019 apr 23

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