Re-narration, memory lapse and artistic interpretation

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Titel Re-narration, memory lapse and artistic interpretation
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Beskrivning The presentation takes its point of departure in two artistic film projects developed in a Polish context. By investigating the languages of trauma through the looking glass of my artistic practice, I attempt to explore the potentialities of bringing out alternative perspectives through on-going encounters and exchanges with witnesses and protagonists of displacement, conflict and struggle.
The project with the overarching title Decembers revolves around themes such as memory, stigmatization and the construction of history, and juxtaposes images from the official history with personal stories told by women. The work centres on two protests that happened in December – one in 1970 and the other in 1981. The first was brutally put down by the Polish People's Army and the Citizens’ Militia, at least 42 people were killed and more than 1,000 wounded, while the latter began a period of martial law. DECEMBERS “narrating history” is a 15 min black and white montage film. The film is made with discarded archival images from the archive of the European Center for Solidarity in Gdansk. The film presents a fictional female activist, who follows the development of the Solidarinosc movement from 1970, while being in the periphery of the events. The off screen narration re-writes the history of these periods based on a consolidation of voices developed using interview material and recollections from a large group of women.
DECEMBERS – a round table conversation is a staged 65 min video emphasizing direct involvement of the women from a writers group affiliated with the University of the Third Age in Gdansk, created around the narration of alternative stories from the periphery, where their personal stories are the focal point.



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TitelPsychic Trauma, Language, and Media, Humboldt University, Berlin (DE)
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