the symposium The Front Line: How Might We Talk about the Future?

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Titel the symposium The Front Line: How Might We Talk about the Future?
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Beskrivning Collective Pockets of Dialogue Between Practice, Pedagogy and Critical Thinking “Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.”1 What happens when an art academy sets out to test formats across disciplines, which tend to be divided, and investigate the intersections between practice, pedagogy and critical thinking in a MFA programme? This presentation draws upon the experiences of the Critical & Pedagogical Studies MFA programme at Malmö Art Academy, which I and a group of my fellow instructors established in 2011. Rooted in the role of the practitioner—that is, the artist-teacher—the programme produces a space for critical reflection upon the multiple positions that artists can inhabit. By establishing a space for collective exchange and dialogical learning situations for a small group of art students, individual and collective processes can co-exist. If we dare to take a step back and observe rather than follow preconditioned ideas, and if we—in the spirit of bell hooks—recognise what we as artists and teachers bring to the classroom, can we then facilitate pockets of dialogue in which learning can take place?



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TitelThe Front Line: How Might We Talk about the Future?
Period2018/03/25 → …
PlatsChina Art Academy
IgenkänningsgradInternationellt evenemang