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  2. Validation of the predictive value of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-1 for the response to first-line chemotherapy in metastatic breast cancer.

    Wuertz, S. O., Klintman, M., Christensen, I. J., Hertel, P. B., Mårten Fernö, Malmberg, M., Mouridsen, H., Cold, F., Schrohl, A-S., Foekens, J. A., Per Malmström & Brunner, N., 2009, I : Cancer Research. 69, 2, s. 363S-364S

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  3. Long-Term Survival of Breast Ductal Carcinoma In Situ in Women with Different Gene-Expression Types.

    Zhou, W., Johansson, C., Karin Jirström, Olorunsola, A., Garmo, H. & Warnberg, F., 2009, I : Cancer Research. 69, 24, s. 629S-630S

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  4. TIMP-1 and responsiveness of estrogen receptor negative breast cancer to preoperative epirubicin and cyclophosphamide with or without gefitinib

    Hertel, P. B., Brunner, N., Jorgensen, L. A., Petersen, M. B., Christian Ingvar, Jacobsen, E. H., Saetersdal, A. B., Tuxen, M. K., Nielsen, B. S., Mouridsen, H. T. & Ejlertsen, B., 2009, I : Cancer Research. 69, 2, s. 368S-368S

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  5. Cyclin B1 Is an Independent Prognostic Proliferation Marker with a High Reproducibility in a Population-Based Lymph Node Negative Breast Cancer Cohort

    Emma Niméus, Koliadi, A., Ahlin, C., Holmqvist, M., Holmberg, L., Amini, R-M., Jirstrom, K., Warnberg, F., Blomqvist, C., Mårten Fernö & Fjallskog, M-L., 2009, I : Cancer Research. 69, 24, s. 839S-839S

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  6. Do We Need Axillary Staging for All Breast Cancers? A Cohort Study from Sweden. The Natural Course of Small Breast Cancer.

    Sveinsdottir, H., 2009, I : Cancer Research. 69, 24, s. 540S-540S

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  7. Is the prognostic value of Ki-67 dependent on ER status and histological grade?

    Klintman, M., Pär-Ola Bendahl, Grabau, D., Lövgren, K., Per Malmström & Mårten Fernö, 2009, I : Cancer Research. 69, 2, s. 128S-128S

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  8. First Results from FACT - An Open-Label, Randomized Phase III Study Investigating Loading Dose of Fulvestrant Combined with Anastrozole Versus Anastrozole at First Relapse in Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer

    Bergh, J., Jönsson, P-E., Lidbrink, E., Trudeau, M., Eiermann, W., Brattstrom, D., Lindemann, J., Wiklund, F. & Henriksson, R., 2009, I : Cancer Research. 69, 24, s. 490S-491S

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  10. Light in and sound out: emerging translational strategies for photoacoustic imaging.

    Sophia Zackrisson, van de Ven, S. M. W. Y. & Gambhir, S. S., 2014, I : Cancer Research. 74, 4, s. 979-1004

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