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  3. How mineral discoveries shaped the fiscal system of South Africa

    Abel Gwaindepi & Siebrits, K., 2019, (Accepted/In press) Fiscal Capacity and the Colonial State in Asia and Africa, 1850-1960. Frankema, E. & Booth, A. (red.). Cambridge University Press, ( Cambridge Studies in Economic History - 2nd series).

    Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/Conference proceedingKapitel samlingsverk

  4. Working paper
  5. The Origin of Extractive States in Africa: The Case of the British Cape Colony, 1834-1909

    Abel Gwaindepi & Fourie, J., 2019 maj 16, s. 1-32, (ERSA working paper ; nr. 783).

    Forskningsoutput: Working paper

  6. Serving God and Mammon: The ‘Minerals-Railway Complex’ and its effects on colonial public finances in the British Cape Colony, 1810-1910

    Abel Gwaindepi, 2019 mar 18, 2019 uppl., Stellenbosch University, s. 1-38, (Stellenbosch Working Paper Series ; nr. WP07/2019).

    Forskningsoutput: Working paper

  7. Domestic revenue mobilization in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America: A comparative analysis since 1980

    Abel Gwaindepi, 2019, 39 s. (Lund Papers in Economic History. Development Economics; nr. 2019:209).

    Forskningsoutput: Working paper

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  9. State building in the colonial era: Public revenue, expenditure and borrowing patterns in the Cape Colony, 1820-1910

    Abel Gwaindepi, 2018 mar 30, Stellenbosch University. 249 s.

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