Ellen Suneson




  • Art Historiography, Queer Theory, Shame, Performance Art, Non-Contemporaneity, Visual Culture, Feminist Theory


PhD student in the Division of Art History and Visual Studies.

The main theoretical fields that influence my research is performance theory, queerfeminism and art historiography. The objective of my PhD project ‘PERFORMING SHAME: affective resistance, aesthetic judgment and art histories' is to examine a number of performances (1995-2014) that critically enhances how principles of exclusion on the art scene and within art history can be unfolded through a conscious use of shame as an artistic medium. 

Keywords: Art Historiography, Queer Theory, Shame, Performance Art, Aesthetic Judgment, Visual Culture, Feminist Theory

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Ellen Suneson, 2018 okt 26, s. 74.

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Ellen Suneson, 2018, Bild och natur: Tio konstvetenskapliga betraktelser. Bengtsen, P., Liljefors, M. & Petersén, M. (red.). Lund: Lund Studies in Arts and Cultural Sciences, s. 107-123 (Lund Studies in Arts and Cultural Sciences; vol. 16).

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