Eva Ageberg

Professor, PhD, Professor, Docent, Dr Med Vet
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  1. HIPARTI and HARP: Arthroscopic surgical procedures versus sham surgery for patients with femoroacetabular impingement and/or labral tears: A double-blinded randomized, controlled trial (HIPARTI Study) and a prospective cohort study (HARP Study)

    Eva Ageberg, Ioannis Kostogiannis, Anders Pålsson, May Arna Risberg, Joanne Kemp, Agnethe Nilstad, Lars Nordsletten, Sverre Løken, Tom Ludvigsen & Kay M Crossley


    Projekt: ForskningInternationellt samarbete

  2. I-PROTECT: Implementing injury Prevention exercise ROutines in TEams and Clubs in youth Team handball

    Eva Ageberg, Sofia Bunke, Per Nilsen, Alex Donaldson, Eva Brodin, Jennie Linnell & Karin Moesch


    Projekt: ForskningTvärvetenskaplig forskning

  3. Movement quality in people with knee injury: validity of visual rating of and contributing senorimotor factors for postural orientation errors

    Eva Ageberg, Anna Cronström, Jenny Älmqvist Nae, Mark W Creaby, Kay M Crossley, Tim Blackmore & Melinda M Franettovich Smith


    Projekt: ForskningForskning i universitetssjukvården

  4. Role of muscle function for predicting traumatic knee injury risk in youth athletes

    Eva Ageberg & Sofia Ryman Augustsson


    Projekt: ForskningForskning i universitetssjukvården

  5. Longstanding hip and groin pain: Patient characteristics, diagnosis and physical impairments

    Eva Ageberg, Ioannis Kostogiannis, Anders Pålsson, August Estberger, Anna Cronström & Kristian Thorborg


    Projekt: ForskningForskning i universitetssjukvården

  6. Associations between muscle function and future self-reported outcomes in individuals with knee injury

    Eva Ageberg, Vala Flosadottir, Richard Frobell & Ewa M Roos


    Projekt: ForskningForskning i universitetssjukvården

  7. Neck-specific exercise therapy with or without neurolysis in patients with whiplash associated disorders grades II and III

    Eva Ageberg, Leif Anderberg, Anja Eskilsson, Niklas Marklund & Hans Ericson


    Projekt: ForskningForskning i universitetssjukvården