Georgios Stampoulidis

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Georgios Stampoulidis is a doctoral candidate in Cognitive Semiotics at Lund University. He is core-member at Urban Creativity Lund, which is an interdisciplinary network of researchers focusing on exploring alternative ways of using and understanding the city. He is research fellow at Scandinavian Metaphor, which is an interdisciplinary network for metaphor research in, or related to Scandinavia.

He has more than 5 years of experience researching in cognitive semiotics different aspects of meaning-making, such as the polysemiotic nature of human communication, the interaction between language use and pre-linguistic experience through dialogue, as well as visual rhetoric and pictorial narratives.

He is a contributing author to Visual Communication, Cognitive Semiotics, Public Journal of Semiotics, Street Art & Urban Creativity.

He draws on a range of quantitative and qualitative methods including go-along phenomenological interviews and other ethnographic methods, corpora and experimental design research. In his free time, he is working as associate editor of Public Journal of Semiotics.

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