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After some years working as a consultant on governance and organizational design for public institutions in Latin America, I understood that real transformations were also needed in the ‘roots’. This internal tension took me to Denmark and later motivated me to study social innovations that tackled problems of economic growth and inequality. Nowadays, in my Ph.D., I reflect on the organizing power of money. Specifically, by studying the social, technological, and ideological components of money I want to reflect on how populations in conditions of vulnerability can design their financial commons. My research asks how does monetary design affects relations inside a community? and how do communities' socio-cultural relations affect monetary design? I follow the stories of a group of researchers and a local community-based organization in Kenya where they use their own Complementary Currency (CC) as a unit of account and means of payment.

Based on data from my case in Kenya, I have been working on an Agent-Based Model that simulates different monetary designs (e.g. fractional-reserve, mutual credits) and the effect on agents with different socio-cultural market strategies (also known as Systems of Exchange). In my path to understanding and reflecting on these issues I have found my way through what I call: "Reflexive Modeling". Models are just "limited" abstractions of reality. Part of our job as researchers is to dig into the stories behind our models and learn to engage in a dialogue between both worlds.

As a Ph.D. fellow for the Agenda 2030 Graduate School (2019-2023), and framed under "Grassroot Innovations and Complementary Currencies" I expect to identify challenges and conflicting elements in the sustainability agenda, contribute with new perspectives, and create solutions for the challenges ahead. My main Supervisor is Ester Barinaga.


I have teaching interests in Organizational Theory, Organizational Model Design, and Conscious Modeling

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Ester Barinaga & Juan Ocampo, 2019, The Case Centre.

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