Karin Jönsson

Universitetslektor, Docent


Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Teknik och teknologier


  • Water and Environental Engineering, Urban water infrastructure, Wastewater Treatment


Senior lecturer Karin Jönsson heads the research group of Water and Environmental Engineering Systems at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Lund university and she holds a position as associate professor in Water and Environmental Engineering. Her main research field is wastewater and water handling in the society, with particular emphasis on advanced wastewater treatment, covering both municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater and biological and chemical treatment methods. The application of microbiological processes in municipal wastewater treatment are the focal point of the majority of her research activities regardless of whether she works with toxicity, biological nutrient removal, hydrolysis or even physical-chemical treatment, but adjacent areas such as toxicity testing of industrial wastewaters and treatment of leachate from dump sites are also investigated. A comparatively new, but growing,  research area is storm water management in the (blue-green) city. The research activities are developed and executed in close cooperation with many public and private organizations and companies. Karin Jönsson is from December 2014 director of VA-teknik Södra, a co-operation R&D program between universities, public organizations and private companies in the water sector in southern/western Sweden. Karin Jönsson has also been one of the programme directors of the international Master's programme in Water Resources Engineering at Lund university and she is part of the steering group of a national Water Research School.

Senaste forskningsoutput

Salar Haghighatafshar, Mikael Yamanee-Nolin, Anders Klinting, Maria Roldin, Lars-Göran Gustafsson, Henrik Aspegren & Karin Jönsson, 2019, I : Journal of Hydrology. 578, 124125.

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