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Maria Hedlund was born in Västerås in 1961, she lives and works in Stockholm and Berlin.

 Selected solo exhibitions: ”The Whiteness of the Whale”, Elastic Gallery, Stockholm (2015); “Some kind of knowledge”, Elastic Gallery, Stockholm (2014); “Life at Hyttödammen, part I and II”, ABC, Berlin (2012); “Dissolved”, Elastic Gallery, Malmö (2011);

“The whiteness of the whale”, part I, II and III, Elastic Gallery, Malmö (2008); “Life at Hyttödammen part I, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (2006); “In den Wald hinein”, Langehagen Kunstverein, Langenhagen (2002).

Selected group exhibitions: “The visible”, Artipelag; Värmdö (2014); “At Georges”, George Bar & Grill, Zürich (2014); “Another Story”, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (2011); “Trice upon a time”, Magasin 3, Stockholm (2010); “Connectivity Lost”, The Zilkha Gallery, Middletown, Connecticut (2010); “Nautilus: research-stations”, Städtische Galerie Nordhorn (2009); “Aletheia – Positions in contemporary photographies”, Helsinki City Art Museum (2009); “Heterotopias”, 1st Biennale in Thessaloniki (2007); “Time Space and Disorientation”, Borgovico 33, Como (2006); “Whatever happened to social democracy?”, Rooseum, Malmö (2005); “Eight Nordic  Stories”, Centro Galego de Aertes Contemporánea, Santiago de Compostela (2002); “Beautiful Life?”, Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Mito (2002); “Shelf Life”, Gasworks Gallery, London (2001); “Quotidiana”, Castello di Rivoli, Turino (2000); “Every Day”, the 11th Sydney Biennale (1998).

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Maria Hedlund & Anders Kreuger, 2018 dec 6

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Maria Hedlund, 2018 okt 2

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Maria Hedlund & Freek Lomme, 2017 mar 9

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