Sebastian Lundgren

Doktorand, M.D


Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Cancer och onkologi


The immune system consist of a plethora of cells that have a multitude of roles beyond that of fighting foreign pathogens. Several immune cells have been implicated in the progression of cancer. However, the exact role of immune cells in the inflammatory tumour microenviroment remains to be elucitated. My research focuses this inflammatory tumour microenviroment and immune cell infiltration signatures in relation to patient survival and adjuvant chemotherapy response in periampullary adenocarcinomas, a group of tumour arising around the ampulla of Vater, including pancreatic cancer. Further, in recent years there has been a collective effort in the reseach community to map the genomics and transcriptomics of several types of cancer. My research project also aims to map the mutational landscape of periampullary adenocarcinoma and to put it in context to immune cell signatures.

Senaste forskningsoutput

Sebastian Lundgren, Fagerström-Vahman, H., Zhang, C., Ben-Dror, L., Mardinoglu, A., Uhlen, M., Björn Nodin & Karin Jirström, 2019 jan 14, I : Biomarker research. 7, 1, 1.

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