Advance Study Group "New Pathways Out of Poverty"

Projekt: Nätverk




This project is about poverty. From an interdisciplinary perspective it seeks to find potential pathways out of poverty as a persistent problem with many roots and drivers.

Due to its complex dynamics and multidimensionality, it is the subject of research in many disciplines including, among others, anthropology, economics, geography, sociology, political science, medicine and engineering. Based on a variety of approaches and expertise, scholars have contributed knowledge both on the conditions that surround poverty and on how to alleviate it. Interventions come in many forms and may appear as anything from products, such as smokeless cookstoves, to medical devices, financial services, such as conditional cash transfers or microcredit, healthcare, such as maternal health care or vaccination programs to reduce child mortality, technologies, such as tools to transport or purify water, or state policy and support to agriculture, employment, and water distribution.

The overall vision is to generate new ideas that are theoretically informed and empirically grounded while also methodologically sound to support a variety of stakeholders, including communities, governments, international organisations, NGOs, and private firms. Our main objective is to find ways to develop and implement effective, efficient and fair interventions to alleviate poverty, and to do so in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.
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