Assessing the role of coarse scale information in perception of auditory and visual wholes.

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As new technologies become available, the use of both auditory and visual information to represent imperative objects and events is becoming increasingly common. Yet despite the widespread use of cross-modal signals to indicate important events, surprisingly little is, as yet, known about the role of different types of auditory and visual information in their interaction. Indeed, when faced with the task of explaining why certain pairs of auditory and visual signals are particularly irritating yet others quite pleasing, and sometimes amusing, current psychological accounts fail because they rest on an oversimplification of the auditory and visual inputs involved. According to current accounts of auditory and visual interaction the total activation inspired by visual signals is merely assumed to be combined with the total activation inspired by auditory signals. However, it is well established that i) the auditory and visual systems operate in the temporal and spatial frequency domains, ii) people can attend selectively to different ranges of temporal and spatial frequency information and iii) that coarse scale (low frequency) information plays an important role in the holistic perception of objects and events in the separate modalities. Accordingly, the purpose of this research was to uncover the role of coarse scale information, and associated mechanisms of attention, involved in the perception of auditory and visual wholes.
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