Behavioural Economics to Advance Sustainable Urban Sharing-Economy initiatives in Sweden

Projekt: Forskning


Sharing economy initiatives are being implemented around the world with the prospects of offering sustainable solutions to cities. However, there is a lack of knowledge regarding their sustainability performance and the underlying reasons for (non-) adoption, scaling and mainstreaming among users. This strategic project will develop behavioural economics experiments that will test, examine and generate policy recommendations to advance sustainable urban sharing economy initiatives in Sweden. This will be done by utilising international insights and establishing collaboration with scientific experts in Spain. With a strong focus on users and cities, the project will seek to increase understanding of cognitive, motivational and contextual factors affecting decision-making processes and choices in urban sharing initiatives. Behavioural interventions (e.g. via social norms, choice settings, goal commitment) targeting the adoption of sustainable urban sharing initiatives will be tested and impacts analysed. Building upon a multidisciplinary team of researchers, the strategic project will provide policy recommendations for improvements, scaling and mainstreaming of sustainable urban sharing initiatives.
Kort titelSharing Behaviour
AkronymBE-USE Project
Gällande start-/slutdatum2019/01/012020/12/31