Bio-based and carbon neutral chemicals and polymers from CO2 and biomass

Projekt: Forskning


The main objective of the project is to accomplish an industrially important bio-based value chain from carbon dioxide and biomass to chemicals and polymers for a bio-based economy of the future by integrating the chemical and biotransformation processes. The bio-based and carbon neutralized platform chemicals such as aldehyde compounds, dimethylcarbonate and methanol will be produced by a more resource-efficient economy based on renewable raw materials, CO2 and biomass to replace fossil based materials. Resulting platform chemicals will be further functionalized and valorized for the sustainable production of industrially important building blocks (e.g. polyols and cyclic carbonate) and polymers (e.g. polycarbonates and polyurethanes), which are 100% carbon neutralized materials. This should be of interest to the bio- and chemical industry in general, and meets the Swedish research and innovation strategy for a bio-based economy, a more resource-efficient economy based on renewable raw materials.
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