Characterization of the antibody response against epitopes at the core of host-bacteria relationships: the protein-protein interaction interfaces

Projekt: Forskning


Immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies are crucial for the defense against pathogenic bacteria, underlined by the fact that most bacterial pathogens have developed strategies to counteract IgG that bind to their surface. In this project we aim to identify and purify highly protective IgG populations, coupled with analysis of their functional characteristics e.g. epitopes recognized, binding affinities, mode of binding, protective or pathologic properties, to improve the understanding of the antibody response to bacterial infections.
The project addresses a central question in infection medicine: Which antibodies are protective against a given pathogen and which may lead to a destructive host response? A careful characterization of such antibodies, their epitopes and their effects on infection processes and pathophysiologic mechanisms, will have important implications for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.
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